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August 12, 2014 - No Comments!

Show Your Work: Calligraphy Beginnings Part 3

Thanks to everyone who responded with likes and comments on the photos I posted on Instagram and Flickr for my first set of exercises as a calligraphy beginner.

The support, excitement and encouragement that felt really great.

Below is the third set of my practice run. I decided I'll post in sets. It's more manageable for me and I'm sure you would rather not be inundated with post after post of my calligraphy practice runs!

Capital A's.

Capital A's.

Capital H's.

Capital H's.

Rinse and repeat.

I've mentioned below how odd it is to see a letter over and over again. My eyes do get cross-eyed when I'm say, staring at a sea of captial H's.

And as tedious and boring as it may seem, repeating a sea of A's, H's, M's … I’ve discovered what aspects of each letter require special attention or more accurately, which parts of the letter I had trouble with the last time.

What I also found interesting is that I could almost tell that the letter wasn't going to turn out so great simply by where I started my stroke. I had many silent cringe moments when I would realize this in the middle of a letter. Rats!

Capital M practice

Capital M practice

Slowing down definitely helps.

It really makes you think about every placement of ink and the pressure with which you use to create thin and thick strokes. Slowing down makes you think about spacing and where to begin and end.

The creation of each letter feels very Zen. Even the sounds of the pen moving across the paper makes the process feel so real. Yeah, that's about as best as I can explain it now.

My turtle helps me remember to slow down.

My turtle helps me remember to slow down.

Calligraphy for me at this phase of my life is a way for me to recharge; to decompress; to be quiet.

The results so far may not be as beautiful as say calligraphy studio Brown Linen or calligrapher Molly Suber Thorpe, but for me, I'm happy to just start, do and make.

It’s a wonderful feeling.

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