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Resources and Kindred Spirits

Positive relationships to our environments, community, products and services are fluid. I delight in what feels right in my hands; brings my ideas, objectives, creativity to life; works with graceful precision; or enlightens and connects me. You may find something or someone here who makes your life just that much more beautiful or pleasurable.

FastCo Design
Thought-provoking articles interviews about design that shapes our world.For Print OnlyPrint rules and always will.
Brand New
An in-depth resource into the world of logo, brand and identity design.
Brain Pickings
Created, written and edited by Maria Popova, a one-woman mastermind. Her articles always introduce me to people and places, make me think and look at the world just a bit differently.
Jessica Hische, Thoughts
An insatiable designer, speaker, and teacher who I admire. Design students, her Thoughts are real and practical. A must-read.
99u offers creatives career advice and a range of topics for those navigating self-employment.
TED Talks
Their Design talks cover a broad range of people and topics but inspiration can be found in the diverse line-up of speakers.
I Love Typography
John Boardley has created a typography resource chock full of history, interviews, and reviews.
Type reviews, books and those fabulous “Favorite Typefaces” lists. I’ve discovered many high-quality typefaces from here.
A curated resource of type pairings by Jeremiah Shoaf.
Fonts in Use
It’s one thing to see type in a catalog and better to see it used in context.
An exploratory website to discover, learn and purchase typefaces.
The Powell’s Books of typeface shops on the ’net.
High quality font delivery service for your web pages and apps. Smaller selection but meticulously optimized for screens.
Hoefler&Co’s font delivery service. Beautiful, typefaces optimized for screens.
Village Type Foundry
An invite-only type foundry for type designers. This is a small and mighty collection of typographic excellence.
The type foundry of Mrs. Eaves. What more is there to say?
Paper, Printers & Products
A delightful way to stay in touch via snail mail. Have your contacts add/update their information.
[Print on demand] Easy peasy book publishing. Talk to or follow Dan Milnor. He’ll inspire you to just create books.
EditionOne Books
[Artist books] Exceptional quality. The Alexia Foundation used them to produce the books for the Family.Life project at The Newhouse School.
Conveyor Editions
[Artist books] Excellent customer service and an impressive portfolio of artists’ books. I used them for Matt Eich’s maquette, The Invisible Yoke. They have a nice range of papers and cover printing options. Book a printing slot early.
Newspaper Club
High-quality printing on newsprint. A great alternative to the traditional book or magazine format.
[Letterpress] Kevin Cox runs his shop out of Washington state. We’ve collaborated over the years and I hope to pick up with him once again.
An affordable way to publish your magazine .(MagCloud is a division of Blurb)
The perfect solution for microsites, lookbooks, and even your portfolio. The interface would be easy for designers to pick up. The ReadyMag team works consistently to improve the product.
Bella Figura
Local (Syracuse, NY) letterpress printng studio and invitation shop. Bella Figura also offers polymer plate-making for designers and printers.
Mama's Sauce
Super friendly team and beautiful letterpress printing. They also offer screen printing. An invitation I designed for photographer Tiffany Brown were printed with them.
Affordable, high-quality digital print printer. People love Moo cards.
Apps, Software & Services
Khan Academy
Online learning. I passed physiology because of their videos.
Code Academy
Real-time feedback makes all the difference in learning code.
Gorgeous reading experience for articles I want to ‘read later’. I love the ability to highlight passages and share them.
Day One
The perfect iOS app for capturing your daily thoughts.
Say goodbye to Photoshop. Design wireframes and high-fidelity mockups for any screen size. Super intuitive and a great community to boot.
For those times when I need to write elegant HTML and CSS
Mobile-friendly website, archive, and e-commerce built-in one. Perfect photographers who want a low-maintenance, all-in-one solution. Their commitment to the success of photographers is unparalleled.
The alternative to Google Analytics.
If you go full custom, be sure to check out “EE” first. It is robust and my preferred content management system for full-on custom websites.
I’ve researched security levels of many cloud-based storage and sharing services and SpiderOak wins. The only other service I would consider paying good money for would be Wuala by LaCie.
Photo Mechanic
The fast and easy way to edit, pair and rate your images. Perfect for sequencing photographs.
Screen Flow
For training my clients on how to update and manage their new websites and giving feedback to my students.
Photography Editors
& Consultants
Mike Davis
Chair of The Alexia Foundation, Professor at The Newhouse School, and yes, my husband. He offers picture-editing services on the side for a few select photographers per year.
Jasmine DeFoore
Based in Texas. Jasmine helps photographers with editing, producing shoots and helps companies license the right images for their brand. Be sure to read her case studies.
Mary Virginia Swanson
Author of Publish Your Photo Book and Executive Director for LOOK3.
Pedro & Jackie
Peter Dennen and Jackie Ney offer photographers consulting, portfolio development, and assist with custom photography shoots.
Alex Kendrick
Specialty: ExpressionEngine. I've been fortunate to work with Alex on numerous custom website projects. He is a designer’s developer: collaborative, detail-oriented and helps you understand how code and presentation work in tandem to create a solid user experience.
Jonah Coyote
Specialty: WordPress. I first worked with Jonah for Randy Olson & Melissa Farlow's website. He then helped me with The Photo Society when they launched in 2011.
Marketing Smart Writers
Dawn Klingensmith
I hired Dawn to write the copy for my website. Alex and Kevin have, too. She has a way with words.
Lindsay Berger
Michael Bennett
Entrepreneur, travel expert, and coach. I hired Michael to help me sort through so many ideas and struggles about the next step. He is totally comfortable working with clients via Skype.
Ali Shapiro
Health coach. She can help you get to the root of your relationship with food. Check out her podcast, Insatiable.