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June 28, 2011 - 2 comments

Teaching at Syracuse University

Big news!

I've accepted an offer to be Assistant Professor in the Multimedia, Photography and Design Department in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University!

I'm super stoked to be working with Multimedia, Photography and Design faculty such as Tony Golden, Ken Harper, Sherri Taylor, Bruce Strong, Seth Gitner, Tom Kennedy, David Sutherland as well as faculty in the Advertising and Public Relations departments.

This is a big move. I'm guessing you have questions.

Are you closing your business?

I'm still available to work with my current clients and other small businesses (a.k.a partners-in-crime) hoping to work with me to design websites and other marketing solutions.

My workload is slowing down and that's only because we're in the process of transition.

As my teaching workload increases and as I adjust to my new environment, I'll be more selective about the projects I do take on. A great place to start is by taking  the quiz.

We'll be relocating in October so now's your chance!

Contact me. I'll be straight up about whether I have the time to take on your project. Some people say it’s worth the wait.

What about Mike? What is he going to do?

Really, this is the first question because apparently word on the street is my husband is a photo editing ninja.

If you are a photographer seeking his expertise as a picture editor and photographer consultant, our move doesn't change his availability. It's business as usual.

But proximity for photography students or pro photographers living near Syracuse is good if you are interested in working with Mike one-on-one.

For students and pros near Portland, Oregon, we're here through the fall.

Contact him and he can answer all your burning questions 🙂

What will you be teaching?

Design of course! (grin)

The courses I'll be teaching are to be determined but if you are interested, have a look through the courses offered at S.I. Newhouse.

Standing in front of the Hall of Languages

How did you get the job?

How I got this job is a great example of how relationships are so important.

Keep your relationships with friends, family, former colleagues fresh and close. Whether you are self-employed or looking for full-time work, your relationships can be key to getting a job. 

I thought you loved Portland, Oregon. Why leave?

Hmm...this is a complex question that I'll answer more in-depth later.

Portland, Oregon is our dream city. It would be wonderful to continue to live here but sometimes life opportunities come knockin' and life, according to Stephen Colbert in his commencement speech to the 2011 graduating class of Northwestern University is a lot like Improv.

See you on campus!

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June 28, 2011 at 3:25 pm

Congrats! I did my master's at newhouse 4 years ago — too bad we missed each other! I didn't have any room in my curriculum for those classes anyway, though I so wish I had now. There are a lot of wonderful people on the faculty there. Go Orange! (Also, nice use of commencement speech from my other alma mater :))

June 28, 2011 at 6:48 pm

@Kathleen ~ Thank you! Yea… I've heard there are challenges with the number of classes available and time. So much to learn; so little time! Orange is so not my color but I do remember chanting, "Let's go Orange!" when I lived near Rochester. Lost my voice plenty of times at basketball games. Northwestern is a great school! You scored 😀

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