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June 30, 2010 - No Comments!

Today’s OEA Wins “Best in Show”!

Over the weekend I received an email from Meg Krugel, the Editor of Today’s OEA letting me know Today's OEA received the“Best in Show” award at the State Education Editor's (SEE) conference in Nashville, TN on behalf of the National Education Association.

It is the top honor from all 50 states.

Feature Story Opening Spread for Guiding Lights in Today's OEA Magazine

Feature story opener, Dress Code for Today's OEA magazine.

Meg and I have been working together since last summer. We started with a redesign and have collaborated each issue beginning in the Fall of 2009.

Our efforts with the redesign paid off because Today's OEA was also recognized as “Most Improved Publication”.

Some of the judges comments:

"Excellent, sophisticated use of design, great use of positive and negative space, great use of grid design with elements that pop, took a magazine that was already good and made it truly excellent, a magazine worthy of the newsstand..."

Feature story opener, Empty Spaces, Today's OEA magazine.

Feature story opener for Three Sisters of Mt. Hood for Today's OEA magazine.


Reading their comments made me feel so good. It is always an honor to be recognized by colleagues and extremely flattering.

One important note: With this redesign Meg and I agreed photography would have a greater role in helping to tell the story but also give greater visual impact to the overall feel of Today's OEA. Thank you to the photographers who have worked with us this past year. 

Thank you judges. Thank you Meg and congratulations to Today's OEA and NEA!

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