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December 8, 2010 - No Comments!

Chicago Copywriter Dawn Klingensmith’s New Website

What visuals come to mind when you think of a copywriter?

Well, we wanted to stay away from those um…visual clichés and end what Laura Roeder calls, “website shame”.

Dawn Klingensmith is a lifestyle copywriter based in Chicago, Illinois and she was so ready to be “taken seriously”. You know, end her "website shame".

Out with the Old

Below is a screen grab of her previous website. It was a template site she tweaked with her own content.

That's how most of us start out, right?

Dawn Klingensmith Previous Website Home Page

Our solution: Fresh, Playful, Approachable

Dawn wasn’t quite sure what she wanted or needed so we set out to discover more about her style, tastes and those of her “right people”.

We also discovered that one of her goals was to attract more lifestyle clients — food, home & garden, art, shopping, interiors, etc.

We focused on what she loves to do and who she enjoys collaborating with.

The design needed to also reflect Dawn’s personality: playful and professional; feminine but not girly; personable; down-to-earth.

And once you start reading her copy, she can be downright pithy. *Fun!*

Dawn Klingensmith Copywriter Home PageDawn Klingensmith Copywriter About Page

No Blog. Thanks.

No social media, either.


Dawn and I had the discussion. Early on I encouraged her to think about a blog and consider social media to reap the benefits of internet marketing.

In the end, she was honest about her time; her resources and recognized that right now, she didn’t have the bandwidth to commit to blogging or any social media for that matter.

I can respect that.

In my ideal website design and marketing world each of us would have unlimited resources to use the tools available to us.

(More promotion! More fans! More traffic! More leads! More sales!)

It’s important for you to be honest about your time, your money, your sanity; the way you want to live your life; the way you want to run your business.

When Dawn is ready, her website is ready to grow with her.

But, go ahead and encourage her to blog, because I think she would be a natural.

Below is her blog design (waiting to be used!):

Dawn Klingensmith Blog Design


Sometimes, an elegant typeface is all you need. And with a small budget, it looks smart and professional without trying too hard.

For Dawn, I chose the typeface, Patchouli Display by Blue Vinyl Fonts for its soft and approachable qualities. It's also quite elegant.

Dawn Klingensmith Logo

The Details

Dawn’s new website uses the very cool cms Webvanta.

She is now able to customize her meta tags (page titles for SEO - yay!) and at any point, when she is ready to modify her website, she can grow as needed.

Typefaces: Palatino, Arial with some graphics using H&FJ’s Whitney Condensed.

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