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November 9, 2010 - No Comments!

Website Updates for Sydney Photographer Nic Bezzina

Back in February, we customized and integrated Nic’s Photoshelter account with his website.

A few months ago, Nic contacted me about updating his website with a blog, a new about page and possibly a new way to view his portfolio galleries.

After a few delays (including an engine blow out that hits the wallet nice and hard) we got the green light to design and develop his new blog pages and his new about page.

This is a screen grab of the results:

Photographer Nic Bezzina's new blog design.

The challenge: Flesh out more text-heavy pages while keeping the overall look consistent with what the original designers at Newism had created.

Blog Page as Home Page

Nic Bezzina's Original Home Page

Nic's original home page, a single image, above.

The decision to place his blog as the front (home) page was a smart move.

Sure, his site prior to the addition of a blog was beautiful, simply elegant and presented a single image well.

But now, the consistent updating of content on his website is going to be awesome for increasing his site’s search-engine visibility over the next 6 months and beyond.

As long as he remains committed to blogging, Nic is sure to reap the benefits.

An Updated About Page

Prior to this update, Nic’s about page consisted of a few lines of text; there wasn’t much information about the person behind the images.

People love about pages!

This version has oodles of fun information that people can latch on to quickly.

A Well-rounded Experience

His website prior to the integration of Photoshelter was a brochure portfolio site.

The addition of Photoshelter made his images more SEO-friendly and gives his clients and fans the ability to purchase images easily.

Adding a blog and a deeper about page gives a more full and dynamic experience of Nic.

I’m excited to watch how these updates affect his business and how things will evolve.

Visit Nic's website to see the details including one of my favorite quotes from Dr. Seuss!

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