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October 28, 2010 - No Comments!

Garcia Had It Right

I love Penelope Garcia.

If you’re a Criminal Minds fan, you know her. If you have no clue who she is, Garcia is sensitive. She’s caring. She’s whip smart and kicks ass when it comes to hacking into computers.

She will find your secrets.

She is also the girl you know that sticks out in a sea of suits.

Her hair changes color every few months or every year. She wears feathers or flowers, color combinations you might not dream of putting together and she knows how to wear it with sass and class.

Photo of Kirsten Vangsness

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Don’t Kid Yourself, Clothing is Important. Metaphorical and Otherwise.

(Hello! I’m a designer!)

In a recent episode, Garcia decided to step up and fill someone else’s shoes. In order to fill the shoes, she thought she needed to tone down her personality and opted for a more demure appearance.

She didn’t wear her shoes.

She was trying really hard not to be herself.

It’s no surprise she became frustrated. She was stretched too thin and balls starting dropping.

Luckily, her BFF had a wee chat with her and she got her mojo back!

She stopped trying to be someone else. She tapped into her strengths and used her unconventional style to help stop the psycho killer. (It’s a tv show - yay!)

We can try to be someone else.

We can try to wear different clothes.

We can try to use a different voice.

Or, we can use what we have; be who we are and do things our way.

Be your true self. Recognize your limitations. Tap your strengths.

Not everyone will love you, but your fans will. And you’ll do a better job, because it will be YOU doing your job. 

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