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June 3, 2009 - No Comments!

Home Office vs. Office Space Away from Home

I've been working from home for just over four years and I've been having a major itch lately to split with the home office.

There are some obvious benefits to working from home and I think I've just reached a point of exhausting those benefits. My accountant may have something else to say about the financial aspects of a decision to rent an office space but my emotional and physical well-being are saying, "Hey, what about us?!"

I've turned into a workaholic -- morning, noon, night... I wake up and immediately go to the computer to check email. Then the vortex sucks me in and next thing I know I'm in full-on work mode. The same happens at night: Go check email and then the back hole comes again. Hello midnight!

"I'll just do this one more thing..." - yeah right.

So I'm thinking if I get a space outside of my home I can be smarter about my work and my time. It will also force me to get outside every day and I can even commute by bike.

Commuting by bike = exercise = healthy body = healthy mind. Whoa. I'll be honest: My metabolism has slowed way down since becoming a designer and being just that much closer to 40 doesn't help.

Plus, if I can find the right space I'll get to have some face time with real human beings! Twitter has helped with my "home-alone-itis" but seriously, it just isn't the same! (no offense to my twitter pals - I love you!)

I'm OK with staying late hours or coming in early. But I'm tired of doing it nearly every day. It's just too convenient...

Living in Portland makes this decision easier. If I was still living in DC and running my business from home, choosing to commute would be mad.

So my dear home office space... It's been great but it is time to move on.

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