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March 20, 2009 - No Comments!

Great Relationships Equal Great Referrals

My first post for the month of March and it is nearly the end of March. Good grief.

I've neglected this poor journal so many times and I think I have all of 20 minutes to write. (This is why I love twitter, just quietly.)

My body might be telling me I should get more sleep and I cannot complain. Who can complain about having work in these tough times? I won't and am extra thankful. (Thank you, thank you universe!)

I've learned the work is coming from the relationships I've built and kept up-to-date in at least the past decade. So, most of it is word-of-mouth. The best kind I think.

But I've also created some great relationships in the past few months that are generating leads and jobs, too.

No matter if my relationship with a person has been over the past 10 years or the last three weeks, I've managed to build trust and respect by delivering on my commitments and being responsive to needs, questions, and/or concerns. So in the end everyone looks good and the clients are all happy.

All good things so give and you shall receive. You just never know where the next job will come from!

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