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December 30, 2009 - No Comments!

Site Launch: Paraculture Books

I've been eager to announce the launch of Paraculture Books, an independent book packager of smartly crafted (and beautifully designed) photography books.

The proprietors, Lisa Lytton and Tony Shugaar decided to take the leap online this year and they have quite the background working with some extremely talented photographers, designers, writers and notable organizations.

Paraculture Books wanted a simple brochure site that was clean, minimalist and easy to navigate. The site had to show off the (incredible) body of work and be easy to update. Working with Sam Hotchkiss of Hotchkiss Consulting, we integrated the website using WordPress.

The portfolio section uses a Flash slideshow that degrades gracefully if accessed by a device that does not support the Flash plugin. Initially I had designed around using a jquery slider plugin and the Flash slideshow sped up development allowing us to stay within budget.

I'm hoping to score an interview with Lisa to shed some light on the mysteries of packaging a photography book.

If there are photographers out there wanting to pick the brain of a photography book packager, please send me your questions via comments in the next week or so.

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