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October 4, 2009 - No Comments!

Why I Love What I Do: Appreciation

A week or so ago I had a conversation with a friend about how as designers, when we hear the phrases, "I love it!" or "Thank you so much. It's so amazing!" or "This is gorgeous!" or "They loved it! It's a winner!" it reminds us of why we work so hard as business owners and how just those few words (with the exclamation points of course), gives us reason to keep moving forward.

The past several nights have been slightly mad for me and I did it all to myself. I put myself on a crazy schedule because I care.

There's a project I signed up to do (two websites) with a marketing company and they asked for some last minute help. A big presentation was coming up and they needed some extra hands. I knew I was also heading into deadlines for another project (magazine design and production) but I agreed to help them out. Call me crazy...

So while juggling magazine deadlines I was also banging out two mockups of two home page designs for two websites.

OK, so it wasn't like I was being asked to mockup all pages of both websites but juggling all the moving pieces of a magazine and all the moving pieces for a website design kept me up into the wee hours for at least two nights and a few more late nights. This, on top of all the other things I have to manage as a business owner, as well as attending to my other clients. They are, after all, just as important as the two I've been working with this week.

So maybe I didn't get the sleep I crave and it was worth every minute. I wanted both my clients to look good to their clients and/or their employers. I care. I know what it is like depending on freelancers/contractors. 

They look good. I look good.

At the end of the day, I got an email saying they were having "celebratory cocktails" from one client and another client who wrote saying, "Thanks so much. It looks beautiful!".

Music to my ears.

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