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October 30, 2009 - No Comments!

Today’s OEA Magazine Redesign

A few weeks ago the redesign of Today's OEA magazine went out to the members of OEA. I had initially written "my redesign" of Today's OEA magazine but really the redesign was a team effort between myself and the staff of Today's OEA.

Sure, the Editor, Meg Krugel and I hashed out a lot of the details and I executed the design but it really was a team effort that could not have happened without all the people on the masthead and more.

Some of the redesign goals:

  • Make the overall feel more lively and more consumer magazine than institutional newsletter
  • Deliver content that is easy to scan and digest quickly
  • Be more bold with typography and color
  • Design a publication that members look forward to and find useful

It was incredibly fun to be back in a magazine environment. I really do miss it.

Here's the result of our efforts and below the sample pages, you'll find the responses we received from Today's OEA readers. That feedback continues to make me smile.

Thanks Meg for the opportunity and I am so looking forward to our next issues together.

What Readers Had to Say

I just received my complimentary copy of TODAY’S OEA…and WOWIE ZOWIE!! The redesign is intensely wonderful. Did you change the paper, too? I mean cover to cover this magazine is really well put together. I just wanted to say congratulations for raising the bar again. I love the new layout, the treatment of the sidebars, the photos. You guys have really outdone yourselves. Taken a really wonderful magazine and made it even more stellar.

I think the current OEA’s Today is the best I have seen in my 20+ years at OEA. Seriously. I am talking visually it is really great ... the photo’s, the layout, etc. One of these days I will get around to reading it too...

Greetings: First, I really like the new layout and design of Today's OEA. It is easy to read, easy to find specific stories and ideas.

After getting the first issue of Today’s OEA, I can tell you I am so pleased and impressed! I have to tell you all of those large-font boxes with statistics really focused my attention. Good work!



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