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September 17, 2008 - No Comments!

New Portland Cyclocross Photography Site

A few weeks ago a bunch of us gathered at the Lucky Lab to hash out details about creating a website (and other possibilities) dedicated to sharing the incredible races and community surrounding the cyclocross scene. is the photography-driven website launched just last week (I've been out of town.) as a result of that meeting. It's a work-in-progress since launching the site needed to happen with the beginning of the racing season.

screencapture ©2008 pdxcross

The photography is strong, well-displayed and created by award-winning photojournalists in their spare time. They love photography and really, people. It helps that they love cyclocross and cycling, too.

If I know anything about these photographers (and trust me I know more than I want to sometimes) they relish getting inside a community of people and sharing with the world the smaller worlds of every day life.

Join them at and speak. Stay tuned too for more developments.

screencapture ©2008 pdxcross

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