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March 19, 2008 - No Comments!

Polaroid SX-70 Blend: Out of Stock

I knew it would happen though I didn't anticipate so soon.

Unsaleable, one of the sources for Polaroid SX-70 blend instant film sent out an email blast 5 days ago alerting SX-70 Blend users that they had only 500 twin packs left in stock.

All gone...

I have 12 packs left in the fridge.

Having just bought an SX-70 camera several months ago, I'm downright depressed that there is a seriously limited stock in hand.


Alerted via A Photo Editor, there is Save Polaroid: A site devoted to "documenting the aftermath" of Polaroid's announcement back in February as well as saving the instant film invention in hopes that another company will buy the technology and keep producing instant film.

Take some time and follow the 6 steps to Save Polaroid.

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