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February 26, 2008 - No Comments!

Featured on Coroflot and DTG

Every once in awhile, I do a Google search of my name.

That may sound really strange and I like to keep tabs on where I'm showing up. Being online, I feel its a periodic necessity similar to checking my credit score.

So, a few days ago I did a search and much to my surprise I discovered that my work caught the eye of the people behind Coroflot and DT&G (Design, Type and Graphics) and was featured.


Wow, it sure makes me feel good especially the one from DTG:

While Deborah has only been at it for nine years, her work exhibits a rare talent for the dynamics of visual space. Deborah is a Freelance Graphic Designer from the Portland, Oregon area who specializes in publication design, magazines, books, catalogs and photographer promotions.

Some really superb work is shown in her magazine portfolio -- inspiration for any designer involved in publications design and layout. Visit Deborah's extensive credentials at


What a nice way to start out the week. 🙂

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