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December 23, 2008 - No Comments! and Wend Magazine Review Dirty Pictures

We're excited to share that Dirty Pictures has been reviewed at Wend Magazine and!

Here is an excerpt from Wend Magazine:

Dirty Pictures is a collection of poetic photography from the muddy courses that make Portland America’s center for cyclocross. Starting with 50,000 images and laboring to narrow them down to a mere 160, PDXCross has put together a collection that needs few words.

Read the full review of Dirty Pictures at Wend Magazine.

And this is an excerpt from's review:

Looking at the rich black-and-white photos in Dirty Pictures for the first time, you could easily mistake the book for a collection of images from historical European cyclocross races. But these muddy faces, smiling through the grit in their teeth, are members of the Portland scene. The beauty of the book is that the photographers are having as much fun as the racers: The photogs have undeniably immersed themselves in the subculture.

Read the full review of Dirty Pictures at

Super exciting!

If you haven't bought your copy, do so right now!


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