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December 17, 2008 - No Comments!

10 Gifts for the Graphic Designer in Your Life

Still looking for a gift for the designer in your life? Here are a few ideas from my own wish list:

Cameron Moll's Salt Lake Temple letterpress poster
This is just stunning! Letterpress printed by Bjorn Letterpress (an amazing printer I've admired), the 16 in x 24 in poster is available for $75 plus shipping. It is printed on Crane's Lettra Pearl and uses several typefaces including Bickham Script Pro, Engravers MT and Epic; all wonderful typefaces.


Mimobot USB Flash Drives
I'm not a collector but these flash drives make me want to be one. My favorite is Yakusa by eetteekers.


Ampersand Cutting Board by House Industries
The perfect gift for the designer who also loves to cook! This is a cutting board any designer would be proud to display. Made of Maple and approximately 18 inches x 18 inches.


There are so many typefaces to own and even if you aren't privy to your designer's library, send them a gift certificate to purchase whichever one(s) they've had on their list.

Places to go:

I'm not sure if the following offers certificates and it would be worth asking:
+ FontShop
+ Hoefler & Frere-Jones
+ Veer
+ Phil's Fonts
+ TypeTrust
+ Village

Letterpress Calendars
OK, there are so many and here are a few of my favorites:
Ink + Wit

Green Chair Press

Egg Press

Black Pearl Press

Satsuma Press

Delphine Press

You Work for Them Gift Certificate
Vector art, stock images, videos, brushes, patterns, books, t-shirts and fonts galore, there is a plethora of design goodies available 24/7.

"Save the World"

Clothing and Accessories from Veer
Veer sells more than just photography, illustration and typefaces. Check out their section on clothing and accessories.

I have my eye on the new KERN Arrows Zip-up sweatshirt and the Pitter Patter umbrella.


PoGo Instant Mobile Printer by Polaroid
Polaroid film may be harder to come by and more expensive than ever but even if the result isn't quite the same it sure keeps things fun.


Gelaskins for the iphone
Blue Willow by Colin Thompson is one of my favorites and in case your designer doesn't have an iphone (gasp!) there are plenty of other Gelaskins for laptops, ipods and even prints.


Singgih Kartono Magno Wooden Radios
This is a beauty. Made with sustainably grown woods and MP3 compatible, it's a work of art and functional.


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