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September 7, 2007 - No Comments!

Books for School

In just a little over a week, classes will begin for Portland State University's Multimedia Certificate Program.

Wow. I'm nervous and excited. Anticipation is amazing.

Here are some of the books that are included when you enroll and the others I bought out of curiosity.

design books

Beginning CSS: From Novice to Professional is the book I used to design my simple site and the others are required for classes:

Designing Type by Karen Cheung was something I discovered while browsing Amazon. I've never had any formal training about typography so it will be interesting to find out what this book has to offer. From a quick flip-through she seems to go fairly in-depth about the thought process behind designing every character of the alphabet, numbers, punctuation marks, and even diacriticals.

Hmmm. I think I've just fallen in love with the detailed drawings of letterforms. Typefaces can be so sexy.

I'm sure there will be more books to follow and in October I'll have my hands on Adobe Flash CS3 Professional Bible.

Flash Goddess, here I come!

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