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September 13, 2007 - No Comments!

Anonymous Photo Editor Blogs

Another discovery from Kevin Miyazaki's blog is A Photo Editor. It is a blog published by an anonymous national magazine photo director/photo editor and just a few weeks old.

I love it.

I'm also a little fixated on trying to figure out if the photo editor is a man or a woman. I'm leaning more toward guy but I can also hear myself in the posts. Doesn't really matter because in the end, I can totally relate and appreciate where this photo editor is coming from. It helps that I also like the work of many of same photographers.

I do wonder about the 'Future of Photo Editors'; not so much as this blogger talks about but generally as a valid position and voice in publishing/communication. Maybe that's his/her point. I guess I'm wondering more from the in-the-office side of things. After all, many publications do not have a photo editor.

So while I am currently not working at a publication (a little boo hoo because I miss it), I have many friends who are photographers and photo editors. I am also married to a photo editor so many conversations have been had about the industry: roles, rates, awards, contracts, business, and countless other related topics.

The discussions can get heated. It's good.

Perhaps this photo editor's blog as well as others will continue to shed some more light on these topics. Context reveals more. I'm hopeful my husband starts posting on the one I set up for him, too.

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