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September 11, 2007 - No Comments!

It’s in the Details

One item on my 'To-do" list has been to upload some favicons for my design space as well as the soon-to-be photo space of my husband, Studio 1.28.

I had used an online generator before so I simply did a Google search and found it again. The site is called Dynamic Drive and they make creating a favicon so easy.

So, voila! I can now check that off my list and of course, I may want to revisit the designs at some point in the future when I have more time.

Oh, one more thing: Before I closed the tab with the Google search for favicon, I decided to hit one more link to see what it was all about. Turns out, Smashing Magazine posted an article about favicons today. I just love coincidences. If you are thinking about your favicon, check out Creating Favicons: Tiny Artwork.

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