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December 15, 2007 - No Comments!

First Web Designs Using Dreamweaver CS3

Sharing some of the results of my first term through PSU's Web Design Certificate program seems long overdue and there really was only one class that produced anything remotely visual: Dreamweaver CS3 with Dave McFarland.

First web design for Dreamweaver CS3 class

First poppy web design with Dreamweaver CS3

Third geese web design with Dreamweaver CS3

All of the designs were homework assignments and honestly none were thoroughly checked for validation; however, all future designs will be because that is a goal. Getting that green validation page from the W3C is similar to getting a gold star. It makes me feel good. Weird, I know. I haven't fully processed it.

But, for the record, I did create a valid xhtml and valid css (itty bitty) web site (below) to complete the Core CSS class.

Core CSS class web design assignment

All hand coded.

I'm very proud of this fact because it was an ultra mind-numbing experience which made the tools in Dreamweaver all the more impressive. I love it!

Next term brings loads of programming classes...

Bring it on.

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